Gas Fireplaces

HearthWorks Centers offers a large variety of gas fireplaces from various manufacturers in numerous sizes and styles. There is a full assortment of trim and glass finishing to go along with any decor. Direct vent fireplaces can be located just about anywhere in your home—up against a flat wall or in a corner. Whether you are looking for heat or just entertainment, HearthWorks Centers has the fireplace for you.

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Mendota Majestic Napoleon

THE NEW Mendota ML-47

Wood Fireplaces

HearthWorks Centers offers a large variety of wood burning fireplaces for both indoor and outdoor applications. If you are looking for the sounds, warmth, ambiance and aroma of real wood burning, then a wood fireplace should be your first choice. Whether you’re in the market for a traditional zero clearance single sided, corner or see-thu or even the latest EPA certified heater, HearthWorks can accommodate you.

Hearthstone Majestic Osburn Napoleon

Gas Inserts

The gas inserts available at HearthWorks Center provides warmth with convenience of operation and come in a variety of appearances. Gas inserts come in various sizes to fit almost any measurement (height, width and depth). From traditional to contemporary, cast iron to numerous metal finishes, we have the perfect presentation for your home.

Mendota Hearthstone Majesticvermont Enviro Napoleon

Pellet Inserts

Turn your fireplace into an efficient heating source. With pellet inserts, as well as the stoves, you can control the heat output precisely to heat rooms or large areas of the home. They produce a steady, even output, and require refueling only once or twice per day. Ongoing tending of the stove is unnecessary since the product automatically feeds the fuel to the burn pot. Just bring your fireplace measurements in (height, width and depth), and HearthWorks Centers will be able to recommend the right unit for you.

Napoleon StCroix EnviroTimberwolf HudsonRiver

Wood Inserts

Have a fireplace, but would like it to produce more heat? Consider a wood insert. Designed to fit into existing fireplaces, inserts come in a variety of sizes and achieve high efficiencies, providing warmth and comfort to your home. Bring in your measurements (height, width and depth) and our salespeople will recommend the right size unit for your home.

vermont Napoleon HearthstoneOsburn Enviro

Wood Stoves

Catalytic and non catalytic wood stoves are both available at HearthWorks Centers. They offer advanced technology and design that increases the appliance’s beauty, efficiency and convenience. Wood stove heating is simple and still the most effective means of keeping warm. Vermont Castings sell four of the cleanest burning stoves certified by the EPA and they are all shown on our display floor.

vermont Hearthstone NapoleonOsburn Enviro Dutchwest

Ductless Air Conditioners / Heat Pump

Don’t have a hot air system with ducts? No problem. Enjoy the convenience of central air with ductless air conditioners without giving up any performance. The condenser unit goes outside and the cooling head goes in your room, giving your room efficient cooling capability that is extremely quiet. Better yet, if your looking for a little extra heat to that room, there are combo units with heating and cooling.

Napoleon Fujitsu

Gas Stoves

Tired of the work and cleanup of a wood stove? Gas stoves give you comfort, charm, affordability, and unmatched convenience. They are available in a variety of heat outputs, styles, and venting configurations. Gas products even offer the availability to use remote controls or wall thermostats. Choose from a wide variety at HearthWorks Centers.

vermont Hearthstone EnviroNapoleon Majestic

Pellet Stoves

Wood pellets are an economical and convenient way to heat your home, save money and help the environment. Pellet stoves are much cleaner burning than even the best wood stoves on the market. Homeowners are reporting great savings by burning pellets for supplemental, and in some cases, whole-house heating. Pellet stoves can be installed on almost any outside wall using a vent kit similar to a dryer vent or can be installed into an existing chimney. HearthWorks Centers has a large variety of pellet stoves, from cast iron with enamel finishes to the new open-door look with a screen. We have the right size and look for you.

StCroix Enviro OsburnNapoleon Timberwolf HudsonRiverRavelli Drolet

Fire Pits

HearthWorks Centers carries a variety of outside firepits for year-round backyard entertainment. Whether you want to enjoy quiet, romantic evenings or watch the time fly with friends, fire pits create a cozy and cheerful environment that will bring comfort and joy to any home. Keep your gatherings vivid with the warm and festive glow of a fire pit from HearthWorks Center.


Glass Doors


HearthWorks Centers sells a variety of glass enclosures from standard production doors to unique custom doors. There are numerous finishes and styles to choose from. Professional installation is also available here at HearthWorks Center.

ResidentialRetreat PortlandWillamette

Hearth Pads

HearthWorks Centers offers a wide variety of sizes, colors and dimensions in protective pads. Whether your purchasing a wood, pellet, gas or coal stove we sell the protection you need.



HearthWorks Centers has a large selection of styles, woods and finishes to choose from. From poplar to paint, oak to stain, or Chinese mahogany, we have the right mantle for you. Professional installation is also available.

Mantelcraft FireplaceFronts Pearl


Save on your primary heating costs and tap into your hot air system with a pellet furnace. PSG’s Caddy Alterna is a multi-fuel furnace that can deliver supplemental heat to a 2,500 sq. ft. area.


Gas - Pellet - Ceramic Grills

We are authorized dealers for both Weber and Napoleon grills. Whether your cooking for two people or your backyard is loaded with guests, we have the right grill for you. If your looking for the taste to die for, the Big Green Egg is the grill for you. Use natural charcoal to grill, smoke and even bake. Exchange recipes all across the country and attend eggfests as the Big Green Egg is the pinnacle of charcoal barbecuing. Now comes the Black Olive – all the taste advantages of the ceramic cookers, but the convenience of a pellet grill. Ignite your grill with the electric start. Regulate your grill like gas, and cook up to 20 hours on flavored pellets. Don’t forget the delicious results!

Big Green Egg Weber NapoleonBlack Olive


Looking for a way to enjoy your deck or patio more often? With an awning from and installed by HearthWorks Centers you can enjoy your deck and/or patio, rain or shine. Passing showers and the hot summer sun are no match for our awnings, and after putting one on your home you will never again be forced indoors due to spoiled outdoor plans. Come into HearthWorks Centers today and enjoy every bit of your deck and/or patio.

Sunsetter Durasol


HearthWorks Centers carries a variety of fireplace and stove accessories at each of our locations. Our accessories include, but are not limited to: fireplace screens, fire pokers, fire starters and much more. Come into any HearthWorks Center and have a poke around soon!

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