Pellet Stoves

Wood pellets are an economical and convenient way to heat your home, save money and help the environment. Pellet stoves are much cleaner burning than even the best wood stoves on the market. Homeowners are reporting great savings by burning pellets for supplemental, and in some cases, whole-house heating. Pellet stoves can be installed on almost any outside wall using a vent kit similar to a dryer vent or can be installed into an existing chimney. HearthWorks Centers has a large variety of pellet stoves, from cast iron with enamel finishes to the new open-door look with a screen. We have the right size and look for you.

StCroix Enviro Osburn  HudsonRiverRavelli DroletHarman - TL300 - Wood Stoves by Harman Stoves

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